Billionaire’s $100 Million Home Worth Only $50 Million Per CA Tax Assessment

Last year, it was reported that the Russian billionaire Yuri Milner broke a lot of sales records in the state of California by purchasing a beautiful Silicon Valley mansion for $100 million, known as Palo Alto Loire Chateau.

yuri milner $100 million mansion

After purchasing the home, Uncle Sam began to actually disagree with the home worth. The California Assessor’s office has decided that the home is only worth $50.27 million. So what does this mean? It means that the tech guru Yuri Milner, who is a major investor in Facebook and Groupon, actually paid 100 percent more than the actual worth of the home he purchased. (I would imagine that even though he is loaded with money, he would be ticked off a little bit.)

This particular assessment means that this Russian billionaire will end up paying over $600,000 a year in taxes to the state of California. To help put that into perspective, that $600,000 can actually buy THREE homes in various other parts of the United States at the national median price. This $600,000 a year will end up being a really huge revenue boom for the county in which the house sits in (Santa Clara County). This beautiful home is close to 25,545 square feet and features a 4,600 square foot guest house.

Multimillion Dollar Tear-Down Mansion in Belvedere, California

Imagine buying a multimillion-dollar home only to tear it down. A couple in Belvedere, California did just that when they purchased the house next door to theirs for $4.2 million and then demolished it. While this move might sound crazy to the average American, it’s actually very common in Belvedere, an affluent city in Marin County that boasts golden properties, some of which are located on mountain cliffs with views of San Francisco, the Bay Area, Sausalito, the Golden State Bridge and Mount Tamalpais.


ABC News reports that Clark and Sharon Winslow bought the mansion next door to theirs for the sole purpose of tearing it down in order to “improve their view” and “plant some bushes.” Purchasing a home to improve a view is not only common in the area, it’s considered property enhancement.

A neighbor in the area told ABC News that he approves of the decision. Scott Dingwell has lived in Belvedere for 20 years and owns a quaint 1950s home with gardens, a swimming pool, and a coveted view of Mount Tamalpais. His home is valued around $1.3 million, and he agrees, “It’s almost certainly a tear-down.”

With a population of 2,068, Belvedere is essentially two islands with a lagoon between them. The large island is called Belvedere Island, while the smaller one is Corinthian Island, shared with Tiburon.

Michael Jackson’s Beverly Hills Mansion Is on the Market

The home where Michael Jackson breathed his last breath has hit the Beverly Hills real estate market, which means it’s up for grabs if you have the money. Located at 100 N. Carolwood Drive in Los Angeles, California, the King of Pop’s Holmby Hills mansion can be yours for a whopping $23.9 million.


The 17,171 square-foot mansion features seven bedrooms and 13 bathrooms, along with a requisite movie theater and gym. The home also features a wine cellar with a tasting room, 14 fireplaces, an elevator, and a large swimming pool. One of the first people to have toured the home was rumored to be pop star Robbie Williams; however he did not purchase the home.

Built in 2002, the French Chateau-style manor was designed by Hubert Guez, CEO of Hardy Designs. When the home was finally completed, it was set to go on the market for $38 million; that’s when Jackson saw the property. According to the listing broker at the time, Mauricio Umansky, Jackson fell in love with the master bedroom and he “loved the grounds.” He rented the place for an estimated $100,000 a month, and lived there from December 2008 until his death in June 2009.

While some people believe that marketing the place where Jackson died could be difficult, others such as Umansky say it does not take away from the value of the home. Umansky said, “And I personally think there’s some great energy in the house and I see it as a major positive.”

Jackson passed away of a drug overdose on June 25, 2009, with his personal physician, Conrad Murray, by his side. Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

Santa Monica Virtual Office Space – No Fuss, No Muss

Have you heard of a site like If you have, chances are that you wonder what it is. Why would people want something like a virtual office center? What exactly is it? What are the advantages of it?

The site,, offers just what the name implies.  It offers a virtual office.  Despite the amount of people who are working from home, someone who is working from home still doesn’t have the same punch as saying that you work from an office. So what the virtual offices offer is the appearance of a large office without all of the trouble associated with it.

Those who are in California who have home businesses might find that the

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Companies who operate from their homes, however good the business is, in general do not garner the same amount of respect as those which operate from office buildings. That is why sites such as and their virtual office space, answering services, and conference rooms are so popular with the smaller businesses.  The virtual offices are much less expensive and they provide everything that a business could want.

Using Wicker Furniture in Unusual Ways.

Resin wicker furniture is great for your garden, but imagine what you can do with it, if you let your imagination loose.

 Unfortunately most of the things are already invented. So do you know how great designs are created? When implementing something old in a new, unexpected until that moment way. When you look at something and have the confidence to use it in a different than the already accepted way. Examples are countless. And frankly speaking, some of those solutions are borderline genius.

 One neat trick you can do to refresh how your interior looks is to use garden wicker furniture inside. Not a revolutionary idea, but it is simple and effective. And that is why how great designs are born. It’s always the simple things and how they are executed.

 Imagine how your wicker bedroom would look like. It’s going to be stunning. All your friends will be jealous and will ask themselves how they couldn’t think about this first. And let’s face it, no one likes copycats. When someone comes up with an idea first, everyone doing the same later, will be looked down to.

 So what are you waiting for? You don’t want to miss your chance, do you? Head to the Wicker Paradise and chose whatever fits your vision best. You would be amazed of the variety and all the options this site gives you. All the power to create a stunning interior you will enjoy for years is now in your hands.

Los Angeles Luxury Home Values Move Down, While San Francisco Inches Up Slightly

In San Francisco, the value of homes went up last month. Although no one is surprised that it’s expensive to live in the City by the Bay, observers are noting that in Los Angeles, the situation was reversed. News of the fact came via a press release issued by First Republic Bank, the private banking and wealth management firm that analyzes the comparative luxury home values in its Prestige Home Index.


According to First Republic Bank’s findings, there was a 0.7 percent drop from the fourth quarter value of Los Angeles luxury homes, situating the average price of such a home in Los Angeles at $1.96 million. By contrast, San Francisco luxury properties rose 2.9 percent from fourth quarter values. The fourth quarter ended this past March 31st. That 2.9 percent uptick means that the value of luxury homes in San Francisco has increased 4.2 percent in the past year.

First Republic Bank’s president and chief operating officer, Katherine August-deWilde, attributed the Bay Area’s rising numbers to the “strength of the technology sector” as well as to “high demand and low inventory.” August-deWilde, in the same press release, also stated that “low interest rates, increasing rents, and higher housing affordability are resulting in increased market activity throughout California.”

Real estate agents in Southern California seem to be hopeful that the value of A-list properties in Los Angeles will soon be on the rise again. An agent from Los Angeles’ Sotheby’s International Realty, Bennett Carr, believes that “pent-up demand and a desire for top-quality property is fueling a dramatic rebound in the sales and prices of A+ property,” adding that current buyers are making their purchases with cash.

Luxurious Grandeur – $11,750,000

Luxurious Grandeur

Ville-Marie (Montreal), Quebec, Canada

Spectacular 4 level gated stone residence of unparalleled luxury and grandeur.  This majestic heritage building had been transformed both inside and out, into an outstanding testament to elegance, taste and style.


The same aesthetic has been applied to the sumptuously appointed interior where space, fine attention to detail and superior materials reside in a harmonious conjunction with rich architectural details to produce this paragon of perfection.  Fit for the most discriminating owner, for whom, only the best will do.

The impeccable gardens with reflecting pond and the beautiful porticoed verandas with massive columns complete with Ionic capitals.  The private grounds have been masterfully orchestrated to provide a serene haven for this jewel located on a quiet cul-de-sac near Westmount.

The lush landscape intertwines seamlessly with the smooth stone paths, echoing the colours of the quoin courses found on each corner of this home’s stone walls.


Price: $11,750,000 CAD
Size: n/a
Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 6 Full, 4 Half
Specialty Items: Impeccable Gardens, Reflecting Pond, Porticoed Verandas, Formal Dining Room, Gourmet Kitchen, Library, Fitness Studio, Media Room, Wine Cellar.
Address: Ville-Marie (Montreal), Quebec, Canada